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  I formed Systematica 2020 in 1998. My purpose at the time was to specifically create a database program to calculate the probable winners in horse races.

I made the original calculations based on an expert handicappers' methods with amazing success.

  I wrote the original code named Equestrian Surge using MS Access 97 based on the same methods. This was a standalone program that fit on a floppy disk.
The main drawback to the original program was that users had to be running Access.  Another drawback was that all race information for each race(except the racetracks and horses) had to be input by the individual user.
  I was working a full time job at the time and have worked full time at other jobs since, up until when I retired in 2019, so I never had the time to further develop the program, nor to be going to the racetracks to place bets. I did have a friend who used to go bet for me and we made some good wins but then he moved away and that's when I stopped working on my program. (....and remember, back in the day any online betting at all was in its infancy)

  Honestly I never really liked having to depend on Access to be able to use my system. Long story short, I began translating / transferring / improving the original code using SQL, PHP, HTML and other programming languages in 2019 and setting up the system to be used online by multiple users in real time.

  By using shared access all users get the advantages from each others' data input.

  I examine the program almost daily to discover refinements which improve accuracy.
  Now in 2020 I am working on an additional aspect which, if successful, will decrease the time it takes to add races to the system.

  Betting is not a get-rich-quick scheme BUT as time goes by, with ever-increasing reinvestment of your winnings, the total winnings increase proportionally.
Sometimes you will hit wins in the thousands of dollars so I recommend betting to win on the high odds Longshot bets above all other bets...... Higher risk but many times bigger payouts.   We lose some but that is the nature of gambling. With the Eques Surge system you will probably be pleasantly amazed.   A unique thing about our system is that you can add points for your favorite horses because sometimes the user knows something that the generic handicapping professionals cannot or do not know that may affect the horse or jockey performance.
The point of doing this handicapping is to win, so ANY edge we can get is very important.

Thank you for your interest and I wish you great financial success in your wagering.

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