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  EquesSurge is a professional set of database tools which calculate probabilities based on previous performances of horse, jockey and trainer, track conditions and other factors.
Most of us want to know how to win at horse racing, how to make a profit, OR even how to make a living betting on horses. What do YOU expect when you bet on the races? EquesSurge is a statistical betting determination system that may just give you the edge you need to more consistently profit on your bets.
As they say, "great things rarely come easy". EquesSurge provides the means to achieve your goals if you are willing to do a little easy work.
Our computations do the heavy lifting. As you and other users input the data then ALL USERS realize positive results because in this application the race data others put in is available and included in all of the computations.
You get OUR WHOLE PROGRAM for FREE when you sign up so there is absolutely NO RISK. Just takes a minute to sign up.
  Note: Although we are not a gambling site you can place bets on drf.com and other sites (if online wagering is allowed in your state.)


Very helpful PDF files to better understand racing programs:
With our user points input field in the past performances you can add points to a horse if you feel the horse deserves more points. Our system will incorporate and adjust points in the final computations. 

Our system is mainly based on The Daily Racing Program© but if you get your data from Equibase TrackMaster© cards it will work in our system but you will have to use slightly different fields which are equivalent to a DRF© sheet. Our system may produce somewhat differing results with these which partly depends on similar speed figures by both companies. Once you become familiar with a DRF© sheet, a TrackMaster© card will be easy to read. We highly recommend both companies.

Compare our results with your own handicapping results, with other handicapper results or with races already run and you can readily see when our system is more accurate. These reviews are especially important to analyze with the Longshot bets in mind in particular because of the higher payouts.
  NOTE: When inputting sample races please put the race date as a date in the near future so it will be processed. ALSO IMPORTANT: Put the letter "s" for "sample" after the race number such as 1s, 12s, 3s etc.

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