вид экспертизы промышленной безопасности

In many parts of the world the people's votes are worthless, wastes of time and energy and thought.

The only vote we have is our money vote. Where ever you spend, you vote.

Boycotts are often thought of as movements of large groups of people with a common purpose but every boycott is really just individual action or inaction; changing purchasing habits, for example. If you do not like the practices of a company then do not give them your money. Period. It is that simple. You can ask your friends to do the same and maybe some will, but YOU are the only one in the movement. If anyone else chooses the same path then they, as individuals are the "movement".

If you do not like trash on the streets then don't throw trash on the street......and maybe ask close friends to not throw trash on the streets.

Big boycotts usually fail because people have the attention span of ants. Wait, sorry to insult ants. If you ever watch ants working, they have purpose and stick to their purpose. They as individual ants are the shared purpose but they are not starting a "movement", they just do what they know is their "antness".

So, boycott often and boycott daily and the movement s will follow naturally.

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вид экспертизы промышленной безопасности

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вид экспертизы промышленной безопасности
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вид экспертизы промышленной безопасности
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