The Free World Order Cavalry is on the March

Stupid and Dangerous:

2024 - Mandates(dictates) are back. Are you going to be an obedient, misinformed slave THIS time?

  • Masks are stupid and dangerous.
  • The massive climate change agenda/scam is stupid and dangerous.
  • [Anti]social distancing is stupid.
  • Lockdowns are stupid and dangerous.
  • Government fear campaigns and tyranny and lies to control us are are stupid and dangerous.
  • "Vaccine" passports are stupid and dangerous.
  • Obedience to the tyrannical mandates is stupid and dangerous.

Are we stupid?
  • Is disobeying tyrants stupid and dangerous?
  • Is your neighbor stupid and dangerous?
  • Are medical and social experiments on the humans stupid and dangerous?

Nuclear energy is extremely stupid and dangerous.
To quote Little Big Man who said to Custer: "You go down there."


MASKS ARE "SECURITY BLANKETS" but if you knew the true dangers of them and the ineffectiveness for protection of you and others maybe you would not put them on anymore AND find security in yourself and your naturally strong immune system. MAYBE. But if someone tells you truth you don't hear then good luck.

FREEDOM is spelled with a capital "F" for F*** the NWO