Revolve to Evolve
Beyond the Breaking Point

The covid "vax" is legalized, sanctioned, and mandated
body-rape, assault and battery, and mass murder.


When the SHTF

    Spidey says:

When the Shit Hits The Fan, Keep All Eyes Open.
Go for the (self-proclaimed) "Elites".
All they do is eat, drink, shit, intra-family fuck, sleep, and bark orders.
They are such spoiled, soft pussies that taking them is a breeze, ya know, like fish in a barrel.
They can't cook, drive, fly, protect themselves without help, sew, shovel, sing, tell the truth to anyone(even themselves). Can't even wipe their own asses.
Why they are good:

  • Tender meat because they don't work and build hard muscles
  • Safe meat because they don't eat and drink the poisons they foist on us "useless eaters"
  • Plenty of lard to keep and cook with
  • Large hides for making soft leathers
  • Prion-free brains to cook with our eggs
  • Note: Avoid their mountain oysters cuz them things have been in places you don't want to imagine.

  • We wish you good eating.

    So, when the SHTF, CHOW DOWN!